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our customers say...
★★★★★ Try the Funky Rolls

Excellent sushi and decent cost. Best chain of sushi restaurants in the West end. Try the Funky Rolls...excellent selection there. ❤

written byMike Gonsalves
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★★★★★ Best sushi

Best sushi in Toronto I've ever had! (And I 🖤 sushi) Me and my boyfriend are frequent customers. Sushi is always fresh and portions are generous for a great price. Highly recommend anything off the "Funky Rolls" choices


written by Darbee Laural
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★★★★☆ Good place

Good place with big rolls and cozy rustic modern ambiance. Nice for dinner or lunch. I really like it.


written by Iva Atelj
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★★★★★ Excellent sushi

Excellent sushi. I tried dragon sushi. The prices were reasonable. There are parking places outside of the restaurant. It was very clean and calm.

written by Rauf Ahmet Pinar
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★★★★☆ Nice place inside.

Nice place inside. They have lots of stuff on the menu I am a big fan of sushi and they do it right. The staff is friendly and the place is clean. Washrooms are clean. This place is located in a safe neighbourhood


written by Andrew JK
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★★★★★Hidden gem

Hidden gem in the west end. Great selections of tasty food.


written by Lala Kutz
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